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Coral Nursery

Our main focus to save Cambodian marine life is through our coral nursery. Our nursery is an area within the ocean about 100m off the beach,  where we take broken corals and reattach them to rocks. In the nursery the corals can grow and revive themselves until they are ready to be reintroduced into the coral reef. This process takes about 6 months. During these 6 months, we watch as the corals come to life again, which is typically seen by the amount of sea life that begins to integrate itself into and around the corals

The Importance of Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are one of the most diverse and economically valuable ecosystems on Earth. Their importance is four-fold, ocean species are dependent on them, they protect coastlines and humans rely on them for food and tourism.

In order to protect coastlines, Coral ecosystems have complex structures that can break down incoming waves during storms and prevent sand erosion on beaches.

Coral Reefs are a source of food for millions of people. In Cambodia, the locals venture out to the reef determined to catch their evening's dinner.

Lastly, tourism makes coral reefs a very valuable source of income. Scuba Divers and snorkelers all around the world are interested in seeing the beautiful underwater world.

What are the Threats? 

It is estimated that 75% of coral reefs are currently threatened and that many have already been lost. Major threats include warming waters, ocean acidification, destructive fishing practices like bottom-trawling, overfishing, pollution, sedimentation from poor land use practices and careless tourism like anchoring boats to reefs, snorkelers and divers touching the coral or people collecting pieces of coral as souvenirs.


Most of the problems that coral reefs face are caused by humans, which is why we believe it is important to educate and inform the population as well as actively improve the life of coral reefs through our Nursery

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